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My name is Mitchell Holsclaw, and I am an EMC actor, residing in Charleston, South Carolina.

About Me... 

     An Eagle Scout, I grew up in North Carolina and was heavily involved with my athletic and theatre community before heading to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) school of Drama for my senior year of high school. There was a program there called ARCH (Artists Reaching Children in Hospitals) that really helped shape my perspective on why I do what I do.  I went on to attend Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts where I received my BFA in Musical Theatre

What's New...

I'm trying to blog more, no consistency yet, but check it out to get a peak into my head!

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*La Vie en Rose (instrumental)- used in "The Little Prince"


Webster Conservatory Class of 2019


Just Finished!

Man of La Mancha with Stages St Louis was an absolute joy to be a part of as Guard/Muleteer. I played guitar and killed a guy, so time well spent. James Patterson and Amanda Robles (pictured) were absolutely extraordinary in their roles, and the show itself was just an optimist's dream!

101 Dalmations was a wonderful Stages St Louis TYA show that I was able to assist in as a Policeman and Doggies galore. Stages St. Louis has a wonderful history as a pioneer of "sensory Friendly" performances in St. Louis, allowing kids of differing ability levels to feel welcome and free to enjoy theater to its fullest, no matter what that means to them! 

The Little Prince directed by Gad Guterman. It was my last Conservatory show and a phenomenal experience. I played several characters (3) and several instruments (4). 

LP snake.jpeg

The Fantasticks at Webster Conservatory directed by Kevin Earley was an incredible experience. I played El Gallo, and being trusted with some of the most iconic showtunes ever was incredible. The show itself is beautiful, it was incredible to figure it out with such a wonderful cast and crew!

Lysistrata by Aristophanes at Webster Conservatory was possibly my favorite theatre piece I've ever done. A concept revolving around the Riot Grrrls movement directed by Jamie McKittrick. I was in the band with Hunter Bell, and rocked out a kilt and as an old Geezer.

Brigadoon was the Webster Conservatory's big 50th Anniversary musical that happened during all the Alumni celebrations. Directed by Quin Gresham, I got to play Harry Beaton in a dream role. Having scottish heritage and loving the show, it was a beautiful project to be running up and down a turntable!

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