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If You Would Like To Dive With Me....

If you would like to dive into the IndieWeb with me, especially my artist friends to create a personal, domain-to-domain network, I want to be transparent about what I expect to encounter.

- I expect this to be difficult

- I expect to encounter extremely basic coding

- I expect for my new site to require more effort to edit and alter than on my current platform

- I expect to do things incorrectly, and then find that out later and fix it

- I expect my page to have less bells and whistles, while still having what I want and need on my site

- I expect some people not to follow this journey onto the IndieWeb, and that's why I'm so intent and unwilling to compromise on points of Social Media tethering

- I expect to watch a lot.... a lot of youtube videos and read a lot of articles and tutorials to understand this movement more, along with learning the knowledge to exist in it

I am someone who enjoys discomfort, a challenge, and the feeling of personal achievement above personal convenience.

- I expect to be far more proud of my site

- I expect to become part of a community, rather than join a site

- I expect myself to be more excited to check my personal page as opposed to getting sucked into a timeline dive

- I expect to be more intentional about who I keep up with, and the media/news I intake.

- I expect my site to be something I build for me, as opposed to for others, as I feel social media is

- I expect to care far more about replying and reaching out to those who have taken the time to come to my page, or follow my posts on their correlating pages


I would hate for someone to see this, look onto, and find the "getting Started" page with its retro Youtube Icon to be a bit jarring and overwhelming due to a lack of "aesthetic organization" in my opinion, even though all the information is there. I felt the same way. but moments like that may require a shake of the head, thinking about the question you went there to find the answer for, attempting to find it yourself, and if you are unable, messaging in their chat and feeling vulnerable in your lack of knowledge. The beginning of this, I have found to be extremely uncomfortable because there is vocabulary that is possibly completely new and intimidating.

tombe pas de borree, glissade Grand jete


Revelation of character through action

You've done this before. IPA, Misner Technique, Balletic vocabulary, Rogers & Hammerstein vs Rogers & Hart.... These distinctions, the correlating memories and knowledge that these terms bring up for you would be lost on some. This journey starts with that feeling of being lost in a lot of terms and not knowing quite where to begin.

You've done this before. Breathe through it. Then one day, like in ballet, you'll find you don't have to think about the words and their meaning any more. you'll just know. and that's learning! Which, for me, is extremely, extremely exciting.

"And if you don't know, now you know." -Jefferson

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